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బాలల కథలు – సోనాలి నేస్తం

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We are proud to introduce our new narrator Vimala Mare to kadachepta family. Introducing a teaser story from her about a little bird and a crow’s cute friendship.

ఇది ఒక చిట్టి పక్షి మరియు ఒక కాకి మధ్య కలిగిన స్నేహం కథ.

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Lakshmi Nali February 14, 2018 Reply

Vimala Garu…. Mee voice Chala bagundhi…. Maa Pillallu baga enjoy chesthunnaru… Inka Saradha kathalu korukuntunnam February 17, 2018 Reply

    Thank you Lakshmi garu. Vimala is extremely happy seeing your feedback. Please take a moment to like on facebook and subscribe to our posts, so you get notified when there is a new story. Also please share with your friends. Namaste!

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